Microsoft goes to the Edge, backs off.

From Tom Warren at The Verge (posted 9/17/18):

“Microsoft started testing a warning for Windows 10 users last week that displayed a prompt when Chrome or Firefox was about to be installed. The software giant is now reversing this controversial test in its latest Windows 10 preview, released last Friday. The Verge understands Microsoft no longer plans to include this warning in the upcoming Windows 10 October 2018 Update that will ship next month, but that the company may continue to test these types of prompts in future updates.

The prompt tried to convince Windows 10 users to stick with Microsoft’s built-in Edge browser when the Chrome and Firefox installers were activated. Microsoft uses a similar prompt when you try to switch default browsers on Windows 10, and the company has also issued notifications to Chrome users in the past warning them that Google’s browser is “draining your battery fast.”

Microsoft also tried to force Windows 10 Mail users to use Edge for all email links, ignoring any default browser set in the operating system. This change was also tested with Windows 10 users and the feedback forced the company to rethink its plans. It’s not immediately clear whether Microsoft reacted to feedback on this latest test, or whether the company inadvertently added it to the final stages of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Microsoft doesn’t typically add major changes when it’s finalizing its updates, and the company didn’t even note the addition or removal in its blog posts. Either way, Windows 10 users will be hoping this is simply the end of this particular test.”