Tag: malware

  • “I’m too little; I have nothing of value…”

    Do you have information “valuable enough” for the bad guys?

  • Wannacrypt? No thanks!!

    There’s a new Bad Guy in town and he’s holding us all up for a “King’s Ransom”. Especially if you dislike patching your devices regularly or you’re still steadfastly holding on to that old XP machine. But you ALWAYS update your machine when Microsoft releases patches, right?? According to Dictionary.com, Ransomware is: “noun, Digital Technology. […]

  • Web link crashes Safari on your iPhone or Mac

    It works on Android too — and it’s not a good idea to do it on either. So far it looks like a “harmless” prank. If you visit the site crashsafari.com (please don’t) it will crash the Safari browser on Mac and iOS (phone) devices so hard that you’ll likely require a reboot. It appears […]