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  • The New Normal? The Bad Guys and You Part 2: The Smack Down

    In Part 1 we talked about what the Bad Guys could potentially gain from targeting you and your “nothing worth stealing.” But I think you saw that┬ámaybe you do have something worth stealing after all. “Great, guess I’ll throw out the computer and no more email!” Probably not a good idea and certainly not practical. […]

  • The New Normal? The Bad Guys and You Part 1

    “How did this happen to me?” I’m often asked “how did this happen to me?” when cleaning up a machine infected with whatever Bad Guy stuff that was installed. It happens often. Way too much really.┬áThe Bad Guys are ramping up their efforts as they find more success. It’s easy and quick to do. Like […]

  • Be careful with your App downloads

    CBS News did a piece this morning on how the Bad Guys are using Apps to steal your data and money. Games, Flashlight Apps, etc. all generally ask for WAY more permissions than they need. Be careful. Be aware. http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/cyber-thieves-hacking-victims-through-mobile-apps/