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  • How Microsoft Surface and the App StaffPad are empowering music creativity

    Lead photo: Eleven-year-old composer Garrett Weyenberg, right, and StaffPad creator David William Hearn are pictured in Angel Studios in London on Jan. 29, 2016. Photo by David Palmer. From Microsoft News: The songs began when Garrett Weyenberg was 2 and would climb onto a piano bench and make up little tunes, each an ode to […]

  • Microsoft Fetch! guesses the breed of your dog — or what breed you are.

    Microsoft Garage recently released a fun new iPhone App — Fetch! It’s Joey and Fletcher Approved — it correctly identified their breeds even though I purposely took *terrible* pictures of them. Their faces were mostly covered as they slept. I haven’t had the nerve to find out if I belong in their “pack.” ๐Ÿ™‚ From […]

  • Apple has biggest App Store season ever

    Apple announced that it had its best ever sales this past holiday season. App store and in-app purchases topped 1.1 Billion dollars (cue Dr. Evil’s pinky finger) in a scant two week timeframe ending January 3, 2016. โ€œThe App Store had a holiday season for the record books. We are excited that our customers downloaded […]