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  • How Microsoft Surface and the App StaffPad are empowering music creativity

    Lead photo: Eleven-year-old composer Garrett Weyenberg, right, and StaffPad creator David William Hearn are pictured in Angel Studios in London on Jan. 29, 2016. Photo by David Palmer. From Microsoft News: The songs began when Garrett Weyenberg was 2 and would climb onto a piano bench and make up little tunes, each an ode to […]

  • Microsoft in 2016: Xbox Slim? HoloLens? Phone? RedStone?

    Brad Sams at Petri.com has a look at what’s likely on the plate for Microsoft in 2016. Some highlights: HoloLens will likely finally get released to developers this spring (I’ve heard the developer kits will be¬†going for $3000+!) It will be interesting to hear what the capabilities and possibilities are with the release of the […]

  • One Note Class Notebooks and the Surface Pro 3

    I adore my Original Surface Pro and OneNote is an indispensable part of my day and of my business. Here’s a real world example of classroom use of OneNote and in this case, the Surface Pro 3. #OneNote #TheAwesomeToolYou’reNotUsing http://www.agileit.com/news/onenote-class-notebooks-and-a-surface-pro-3-in-higher-education/?cm_campid=DCA18436-6F90-E411-BEAA-6C3BE5A6EA7C