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  • Windows 10 UPGRADE should always be FREE.

    Source: https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/64450/the-windows-10-upgrade-should-always-be-free Paul Thurrott does an outstanding job laying out the case of why the Windows 10 Upgrade should always be free. I think that Microsoft will do the right thing. And today, I’d like to make the case that this is the only correct outcome. It is in fact, “the only outcome.” That Microsoft […]

  • Why Microsoft wants everyone to have Windows 10

    Microsoft is in what appears to be a huge rush to get everyone to upgrade to Windows 10. They’ve even put a date on when they will quit giving it away for free: July 29, 2016. Why is that and what’s the rush you ask? There are a few good reasons to get everyone on […]

  • What is the Microsoft Educator Community and how can it help teachers?

    The Guardian recently released an “infomercial page” about the Microsoft Educator Community that does a really good job laying out some free resources for maximizing the Microsoft tools you likely already have in your classroom. What sets MEC apart? MEC has some particular advantages as a source of CPD: It is separated from the school’s […]