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  • Have Evernote files you want to transfer to OneNote?

    I still maintain that OneNote is the best FREE tool you’re not using. Especially if you have a touch or pen device — but any device will do. There’s a OneNote App for that (really!). One of the arguments against switching over to OneNote was the lack of ability to move those files over easily. […]

  • What is the Microsoft Educator Community and how can it help teachers?

    The Guardian recently released an “infomercial page” about the Microsoft Educator Community that does a really good job laying out some free resources for maximizing the Microsoft tools you likely already have in your classroom. What sets MEC apart? MEC has some particular advantages as a source of CPD: It is separated from the school’s […]

  • Empowering Students with OneNote: Genius Hour

    I use OneNote daily in my business activity. For me it’s absolutely indispensable. I know I’m only cracking the surface of it’s potential but I can see the true power of this software when I see an example like this. One Fifth Grade teacher in California is using OneNote to inspire and transform her class […]

  • Microsoft updates OneNote Class and Staff Notebook

    Microsoft updated the best tool you’re not using in your classroom: OneNote. Here’s a summary of the updates: Class Notebooks—Co-teachers can now add or remove students to a Class Notebook. Staff Notebooks—Staff leaders can now remove staff members or notebook co-owners and co-owners can now add or remove staff members to a Staff Notebook. In […]

  • One Note Class Notebooks and the Surface Pro 3

    I adore my Original Surface Pro and OneNote is an indispensable part of my day and of my business. Here’s a real world example of classroom use of OneNote and in this case, the Surface Pro 3. #OneNote #TheAwesomeToolYou’reNotUsing http://www.agileit.com/news/onenote-class-notebooks-and-a-surface-pro-3-in-higher-education/?cm_campid=DCA18436-6F90-E411-BEAA-6C3BE5A6EA7C