Have Evernote files you want to transfer to OneNote?

I still maintain that OneNote is the best FREE tool you’re not using. Especially if you have a touch or pen device — but any device will do. There’s a OneNote App for that (really!). One of the arguments against switching over to OneNote was the lack of ability to move those files over easily. Well, here goes that argument.

Microsoft has released a tool that will import your Evernote files into OneNote from the Evernote Plus ($25/yr) and Evernote Premium ($50/yr). No word on the ability to import from the Basic (free) or Business ($120/yr/user) versions.

This is version 1 of the tool, so I’m sure there will be glitches and imperfections. I would also anticipate that, if successful, the tool will be upgraded to include all versions. In order to use this new tool, you’ll need Windows 7 or later. There currently is no Mac version of the converter tool.

Once you’ve run the tool, the files you import will be available across all devices (Win, Mac, iOS, and Android). Microsoft offers up a graph with the features gained by doing the import.

Microsoft also provides more details on how to use OneNote importer on this support page.

Remember – -this is a Version 1 tool. Your mileage may vary — but I still suggest you do it!

Source: Mary Jo Foley from All About Microsoft

What is the Microsoft Educator Community and how can it help teachers?

The Guardian recently released an “infomercial page” about the Microsoft Educator Community that does a really good job laying out some free resources for maximizing the Microsoft tools you likely already have in your classroom.

What sets MEC apart?

MEC has some particular advantages as a source of CPD:

  • It is separated from the school’s hierarchy and structure, and so is non-threatening and reassuring.
  • It is owned by the teacher, as a member of the MEC.
  • It is largely delivered by fellow educators, who, the evidence tells us, are the people from whom teachers are most likely to learn.
  • It is highly interactive – a collaborative learning community, not a passive group of learners.
  • It offers a wide choice of starting points – material which is age related, or subject related, or both, for example.
  • It is available anytime, anywhere, can be repeated, slowed down or approached from different directions.
  • It can be accredited with a system of “Microsoft innovative educator” badges.
  • Crucially, it’s free.

Read the whole article here: http://www.theguardian.com/microsoft-partner-zone/2016/jan/27/what-is-microsoft-educator-community-how-can-help-teachers

Empowering Students with OneNote: Genius Hour

I use OneNote daily in my business activity. For me it’s absolutely indispensable. I know I’m only cracking the surface of it’s potential but I can see the true power of this software when I see an example like this.

One Fifth Grade teacher in California is using OneNote to inspire and transform her class through “Genius Hour.”

The Full story is here: Empowering students with Genius Hour—Part 1: Accepting your genius

The FREE e-book that inspired this teacher: “Liberating Genius” (in OneNote format) is available here.

Here’s the beginning of the story:

The message on the whiteboard was simple. You matter. When the students entered the classroom, they were bound to see it. You matter. The next day it moved again, where students couldn’t miss it. You matter.

Genius hour image 1

It wasn’t put up by any teacher. This message was being driven home day after day by a student.

She was motivated to deliver these empowering words through the Genius Hour walk-up lessons we’ve been using from Angela Maiers’ free e-book (in OneNote format), “Liberating Genius.” My message-writing student told me she thought her genius right now was inspiring other students to feel as special as she does.

The “Room Nine Kids” is a fifth grade class in Manteca (California) Unified School District. I am a big believer in Genius Hour, which allows students to study a topic of their own choosing. The topic must be approved by the teacher; it must require research, problem-solving or skill-building; and the final project must be presented to the class. I have seen the power of Genius Hour in my students.

Maiers’ “Liberating Genius” paves the way to Genius Hour through lessons that involve self-reflection, character-building, collaboration and the inspiring motto, “You are a genius and the world needs your contribution.” One of our lessons included having the students realize that their genius matters—not just to them but to the world around them. And one of my students has already taken that message to heart.

Read the entire article: Empowering students with Genius Hour—Part 1: Accepting your genius

Microsoft updates OneNote Class and Staff Notebook

Microsoft updated the best tool you’re not using in your classroom: OneNote.

Here’s a summary of the updates:

  • Class Notebooks—Co-teachers can now add or remove students to a Class Notebook.
  • Staff Notebooks—Staff leaders can now remove staff members or notebook co-owners and co-owners can now add or remove staff members to a Staff Notebook. In addition, Active Directory security group and Office 365 Group support is now offered.
  • Legacy SharePoint Store app for the OneNote Class Notebook Creator—Ability to remove students.
  • Legacy SharePoint Store app for OneNote Staff Notebooks—Ability to remove staff members.
  • OneNote Online—The top requested feature, Image crop, was added as well as the ability to unpin notebooks from the notebook list.

An in-depth explanation of each of the updates can be found here: https://blogs.office.com/2016/01/05/ring-in-the-new-year-with-onenote-class-and-staff-notebook-updates/


One Note Class Notebooks and the Surface Pro 3


I adore my Original Surface Pro and OneNote is an indispensable part of my day and of my business. Here’s a real world example of classroom use of OneNote and in this case, the Surface Pro 3. #OneNote #TheAwesomeToolYou’reNotUsing