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  • Have Evernote files you want to transfer to OneNote?

    I still maintain that OneNote is the best FREE tool you’re not using. Especially if you have a touch or pen device — but any device will do. There’s a OneNote App for that (really!). One of the arguments against switching over to OneNote was the lack of ability to move those files over easily. […]

  • What is the Microsoft Educator Community and how can it help teachers?

    The Guardian recently released an “infomercial page” about the Microsoft Educator Community that does a really good job laying out some free resources for maximizing the Microsoft tools you likely already have in your classroom. What sets MEC apart? MEC has some particular advantages as a source of CPD: It is separated from the school’s […]

  • Office and OneDrive Updates for iPad Pro, iOS9, and WatchOS 2

    Microsoft has released updates to its Office 2016 Mac suite and OneDrive. The big news for me was that they have enabled the inking tools in OneNote to work with the Apple “pencil.” Now you really have no excuse for not using the best App out there. Microsoft is taking advantage of the new multitasking features of […]

  • Empowering Students with OneNote: Genius Hour

    I use OneNote daily in my business activity. For me it’s absolutely indispensable. I know I’m only cracking the surface of it’s potential but I can see the true power of this software when I see an example like this. One Fifth Grade teacher in California is using OneNote to inspire and transform her class […]

  • Microsoft updates OneNote Class and Staff Notebook

    Microsoft updated the best tool you’re not using in your classroom: OneNote. Here’s a summary of the updates: Class Notebooks—Co-teachers can now add or remove students to a Class Notebook. Staff Notebooks—Staff leaders can now remove staff members or notebook co-owners and co-owners can now add or remove staff members to a Staff Notebook. In […]

  • One Note Class Notebooks and the Surface Pro 3

    I adore my Original Surface Pro and OneNote is an indispensable part of my day and of my business. Here’s a real world example of classroom use of OneNote and in this case, the Surface Pro 3. #OneNote #TheAwesomeToolYou’reNotUsing