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  • Microsoft Releases More Win10 Updates

    Paul Thurrott (http://www.thurrott.com) just reported that Microsoft has updated the shipping versions of Windows 10 again this month. It’s another Cumulative Update so you’ll need to reboot your machine after the update gets installed. With all the Bad Guy activity going on, it’s not really surprising to me. While it’s a pain in the rear […]

  • Microsoft Win10 Anniversary Update to be released August 2nd

    Mary Jo Foley at All About Microsoft reports that Microsoft will be releasing Service Pack 1 (oops — I meant Anniversary Update) on August 2nd just a few short days after the one year release date anniversary of Windows 10 and the end of the free upgrade offer. Ms. Foley spoke with Terry Myerson (Windows […]

  • Microsoft ends IE 8,9, & 10 Support on Jan. 12, 2016

    Microsoft has announced that they will discontinue patches and security updates for everything but the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE 11). They’ve created a new browser (Edge) and they intend to use it. Edge only works with Windows 10, but IE 11 works with Windows 7, 8.1, & 10. I have run into an […]

  • Microsoft in 2016: Xbox Slim? HoloLens? Phone? RedStone?

    Brad Sams at Petri.com has a look at what’s likely on the plate for Microsoft in 2016. Some highlights: HoloLens will likely finally get released to developers this spring (I’ve heard the developer kits will be¬†going for $3000+!) It will be interesting to hear what the capabilities and possibilities are with the release of the […]

  • Oracle ordered to ramp up warning users of “stale” JAVA installs

      There’s an awful lot of software written for very old JAVA code… http://www.zdnet.com/article/oracle-ordered-to-blitz-users-with-java-security-warnings/