Microsoft updates OneNote Class and Staff Notebook

Microsoft updated the best tool you’re not using in your classroom: OneNote.

Here’s a summary of the updates:

  • Class Notebooks—Co-teachers can now add or remove students to a Class Notebook.
  • Staff Notebooks—Staff leaders can now remove staff members or notebook co-owners and co-owners can now add or remove staff members to a Staff Notebook. In addition, Active Directory security group and Office 365 Group support is now offered.
  • Legacy SharePoint Store app for the OneNote Class Notebook Creator—Ability to remove students.
  • Legacy SharePoint Store app for OneNote Staff Notebooks—Ability to remove staff members.
  • OneNote Online—The top requested feature, Image crop, was added as well as the ability to unpin notebooks from the notebook list.

An in-depth explanation of each of the updates can be found here:


One Note Class Notebooks and the Surface Pro 3


I adore my Original Surface Pro and OneNote is an indispensable part of my day and of my business. Here’s a real world example of classroom use of OneNote and in this case, the Surface Pro 3. #OneNote #TheAwesomeToolYou’reNotUsing